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Risk of severe hypernatremia depends on underlying cause in critically ill patients.

Journal of critical care , Volume 28 , Issue 2 (2013)
Annemieke Oude Lansink , Silke Fahrentholz , Maarten W.N. Nijsten

Higher vocational education and social mobility: educational participation in Australia and England

Journal of Vocational …
Gale T , Hodge… S , Webb S , Bathmaker AM

Increasing participation and attainment in higher education in Australia

Higher Education Management and Policy
King C , James R

An Overview of Vocational Education and Training in Australia and Its Links to the Labour Market.

2009 - ERICThe purpose of this paper is to describe Australia's vocational education and training (VET) system and how it relates to the broader set of education and learning options that are available to Australians. Only post-compulsory education and training will be considered here; that is
Knight B , Mlotkowski P

Norton and Vocationalism in Higher Education: the Triumph of the Education Gospel.

The Journal of Higher Education , Volume 76 (2005)
W Grubb , M Lazerson

Impact of trauma center designation on outcomes: is there a difference between Level I and Level II trauma centers?

Journal of the American College of Surgeons , Volume 215 , Issue 3 (2012)
Laurent G Glance , Turner M Osler , Dana B Mukamel , Andrew W Dick

English higher education and its vocational zones

Research in Comparative and International …
Parry G

Capital in the twenty-first century

Piketty T

Mystic light and near-death experience’, in M.

Karakantza and O Levaniouk eds Light and Darkness in Ancient Greek Myth and Religion Lanham Md Lexington Books (2010)
R Seaford , E Christopoulos

Disorders of sodium metabolism: hypernatremia and hyponatremia.

Critical care medicine , Volume 20 , Issue 1 (1992)
M S Oh , H J Carroll