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  1. Why knowledge matters in curriculum.

    A social realist argument London Routledge (2010)
    Wheelahan L
  2. New Phase of Internationalization of Higher Education and Institutional Change

    Higher Education for the Future
    R W
  3. Developments in pedagogic nomenclature in Australian vocational education: Evolution or revolution?

    International Journal of Training Research
    I R
  4. Higher education in the global knowledge economy.

    ProcediaSocial and Behavioural Sciences pp , Volume 2 , Issue 5 (2010)
    Marginson S
  5. VET Providers, Associate and Bachelor Degrees, and Disadvantaged Learners: Report to the National VET Equity Advisory Council (NVEAC), Australia.

    2013 -
    S H , S P , S R , E C , P R

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