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Decision Support Systems 38 (4): 611-619 (2005)

Product classification in the Internet business—a fuzzy approach

B Bhasker , BK Mohanty
In this paper, a methodology has been introduced as a decision support tool to the consumers in the Internet business. This decision support tool takes into account the multiple attributes of the product, analyses them with respect to the consumer's desire, and finally classifies these products into different hierarchical levels as per the consumer's level of preference. The product attributes, which are in general conflicting, imprecise, and non-commensurable in nature, are well handled here by using the concepts of fuzzy logic. Concepts of linguistic quantifier are used to quantify the qualitatively defined items and also to classify the products into different preference levels as required by the customer. Classification of the products into preference levels in any business, particularly, in the business through the Internet, gives a boost to the customer and helps him in a final product choice. The procedure described here can be used by virtual buying agents for generating a hierarchical classification based on buyer's preference. At the end, a numerical example is illustrated to highlight the procedure.