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Obrdlik, Gallows humor: A sociological phenomenon.

American Journal of Sociology , Volume 47 (1942)
J Antonin

Laughing it off? Humour, affect and emotion work in communities living with nuclear risk.

The British journal of sociology , Volume 62 , Issue 2 (2011)
K A Parkhill , K L Henwood , N F Pidgeon , P Simmons

Identifying “deterrable” offenders: Implications for research on deterrence

Justice Quarterly , Volume 19 , Issue 3 (2002)
Greg Pogarsky

Pogrebin, and Poole.

Humor in the briefing room A study of the strategic uses of humor among police Journal of Contemporary Ethnography , Volume 17 (1988)
R Mark , D Eric

the Human Sciences.

New York Suny Press (1988)
Polkinghorne Narrative , E Donald

Polletta, Francesca. . It Was Like a Fever: Storytelling and Protest in Politics.

Chicago University of Chicago Press (2006)

The Sociology of Storytelling

Annual Review of Sociology , Volume 37 (2011)
F Polletta , PCB Chen , BG Gardner , A Motes

Structures of Social Action: Agreeing and disagreeing with assessments: some features of preferred/dispreferred turn shapes

A Pomerantz

Been a Heavy Life:Stories of Violent Men

University of Illinois Press , Volume 38 , Issue 4 (2008)
L Presser

The Narratives of Offenders

L Presser