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Molecular characters and morphological genetics of CAL gene in Chinese cabbage.

Cell research , Volume 10 , Issue 1 (2000)
X F Li , R J Shen , P L Liu , Z C Tang , Y K He

Dynamic activation of bone morphogenetic protein signaling in collagen induced arthritis supports their role in joint homeostasis and disease.

Arthritis research & therapy , Volume 10 , Issue 5 (2008)
Melina Daans , Rik Ju Lories , Frank P Luyten

Negative relationship between odor-induced spike activity and spontaneous oscillations in the primary olfactory system of the terrestrial slug Limax marginatus.

Zoological science , Volume 20 (2003)
Iori Ito , Satoshi Watanabe , Tetsuya Kimura , Yutaka Kirino , Etsuro Ito , kevin Chen , Jeremy

Bone Morphogenetic Proteins: Regeneration of Bone and Beyond (Progress in Inflammation Research) (Hardcover)

Slobodan Vukicevic , Kuber T Sampath , Birkhäuser Basel

Immunology, Infection, and Immunity (Hardcover)

Gerald B Pier , Jeffrey B Lyczak , Lee M Wetzler , ASM Press

Master Techniques in Orthopaedic Surgery: The Spine (Master Techniques in Orthopaedic Surgery) (Hardcover)

David S Bradford , Thomas A Zdeblick , Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

Bones and Cartilage: Developmental Skeletal Biology (Hardcover)

Brian K Hall , Academic Press

Elements of Chemical Reaction Engineering (4th Edition) (Prentice Hall International Series in the Physical and Chemical Engineering Sciences) (Hardcover)

H Scott Fogler , Prentice Hall PTR

Cranial Sutures: Analysis, Morphology & Manipulative Strategies (Hardcover)

Marc G Pick , Eastland Press

Surgical Knots and Suturing Techniques, second edition (Spiral-bound)

F D Giddings , Giddings Studio Publishing