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Game controller simulating a musical instrument

Eric Brosius , Eran Egozy , Harmonix Music Systems, Inc. (Cambridge, MA)
A simulated musical instrument may be used to alter the audio of a video game, the video aspects of video game, or both. Use of a controlled simulating a musical instrument allows a rhythm-action game can be enjoyed in a manner closer to a realistic state of playing an instrument.
Claims What is claimed is: 1. A game controller simulating a guitar comprising: a body portion including a strum bar; a neck portion extending outwardly away from the body portion; a first pluralityof fret buttons disposed on the neck portion; and a second plurality of fret buttons disposed on the neck portion between the body portion of the game controller and the first plurality of fret buttons, and wherein each of the second plurality of fretbuttons is connected in common with a corresponding ...