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Methods and apparatus for arthroscopic prosthetic knee replacement

Richard B Caspari , Jeffrey G Roberts , James T Treace
Methods and apparatus for prosthetic knee replacement permit preparation of tibial plateau and femoral condyle surfaces and implant of tibial and femoral protheses components with the use of arthroscopic surgical techniques. The bone surfaces are resected by moving a rotating milling cutter longitudinally across the bone surface and moving the rotating milling cutter substantially laterally across the bone. Cement is supplied between the prostheses and the bone surfaces after positioning of the prostheses on the bone, and cement bonding is enhanced by applying suction to the bone to draw the cement into the bone.
Claims What is claimed is:1. A method of arthroscopic prosthetic knee replacement comprising the steps ofmaking a portal in the tissue adjacent the knee;visualizing the knee with an arthroscope;inserting an instrument through the portal and preparing a surface of the tibial plateau and a corresponding surface of the femoral condyle;increasing the size of the portal to be just large enough to receive a tibial prosthesis and a femoral prosthesis;inserting the tibial prosthesis through the portal and i...