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Cell research 10 (1): 29-38 (2000)

Molecular characters and morphological genetics of CAL gene in Chinese cabbage.

X F Li , R J Shen , P L Liu , Z C Tang , Y K He
BcpCAL, the homologous gene of CAL, was isolated from Chinese cabbage. Unlike BobCAL of cauliflower, BcpCAL did not hold the terminating mutation in the fifth exon. After crosses of cauliflower with Chinese cabbage, the resultant hybrids failed to form curd, which implicates the genetic complement of BcpCAL to the mutated BobCAL in the function of curd formation. One of CAL gene isolated from the hybrid apparently comes from the female parent (Chinese cabbage) even though there are a few of the bases substituted and deleted. The result offers the molecular and genetic evidences for the study of biological function of CAL in morphological genetics of curd.
DOI: 10.1038/      ISSN: 1001-0602