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Nucleic acids research 33 (14): e128 (2005)

Methylation-specific MLPA (MS-MLPA): simultaneous detection of CpG methylation and copy number changes of up to 40 sequences.

Anders O H Nygren , Najim Ameziane , Helena M B Duarte , Raymon N C P Vijzelaar , Quinten Waisfisz , Corine J Hess , Jan P Schouten , Abdellatif Errami
Copy number changes and CpG methylation of various genes are hallmarks of tumor development but are not yet widely used in diagnostic settings. The recently developed multiplex ligation-dependent probe amplification (MLPA) method has increased the possibilities for multiplex detection of gene copy number aberrations in a routine laboratory. Here we describe a novel robust method: the methylation-specific MLPA (MS-MLPA) that can detect changes in both CpG methylation as well as copy number of up to 40 chromosomal sequences in a simple reaction. In MS-MLPA, the ligation of MLPA probe oligonucleotides is combined with digestion of the genomic DNA-probe hybrid complexes with methylation-sensitive endonucleases. Digestion of the genomic DNA-probe complex, rather than double-stranded genomic DNA, allowed the use of DNA derived from the formalin treated paraffin-embedded tissue samples, enabling retrospective studies. To validate this novel method, we used MS-MLPA to detect aberrant methylation in DNA samples of patients with Prader-Willy syndrome, Angelman syndrome or acute myeloid leukemia.
DOI: 10.1093/nar/gni127      ISSN: 0305-1048