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2016 May Business Trip Report by Kazuo Katoh 20160509-11

Dear all,

Trip to Kochi-prefecture with Masaki, in order to negotiate with Kochi-prefectual government regarding Turnitin.

◆Kochi Prefectural Board of Education, High school Division
Persons: Kazuyuki Takano, Yuko Inoue, others.

Kochi Prefectural government will has an International Baccalaureate School in 2020.
Since they would like to learn about Turnitin, we showed it.
After that, they are supposed to exchange information with other high school person who use Turnitin.

◆Kochi University of Technology (Prefectural)
Persons: Akira Furuya: Manager, Educational Affairs Division

They are using Turnitin for 2 years, all of them are not using Turnitin through Moodle, because some teachers are not good at using ICT.

Persons:Takeuchi Akihiro: Chief, Research Support Section\
Tatsuya Ishida: Research Support

◆Kochi University(National)
Persons: Naofumi Fujita vice president, Takeshima Takefumi, Ryuiti Yasuoka

They are now using iThenticate, we introduced Turnitin again in order to change iThenticate to Turnitin. They were fascinated by no restriction of submission.

◆University of Kochi
Persons: Mika Kusunose director of affairs division, Rintaro Ogi

We showed Turnitin as a tool for preventing plagiarism and education.
They understood about Turnitin, and they are going to introduce Turnitin internal relevant departments.

That's all.

Kazuo Katoh