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718 (2004)

Immunology, Infection, and Immunity (Hardcover)

Gerald B Pier , Jeffrey B Lyczak , Lee M Wetzler , ASM Press
With a focus on the relatedness of immunology and microbiology, Immunology, Infection, and Immunity covers both the foundation concepts of immunology, among the most exciting in modern biology and medicine, and their application to the real world of diseases and health. This new text combines clear narratives of how the immune system functions relying in many instances on supporting data from experiments. The editors use examples and illustrations depicting basic immunologic processes in conjunction with their role in infectious or other diseases in order to teach both basic and applied aspects of immunology. Ideally suited for upper division and graduate level students as well as medical and dental students with a good background in basic biology, biochemistry, genetics, and cell biology, the text complements traditional views and dogmas about immunology with today's cutting edge ideas and experimental data describing how the immune system works.
ISBN: 978-1555812461