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Astronaut's work station device

Boris E Paton , Valeri A Kryukov , Sergei S Gavrish , AlexanR Bulatsev , Vladimir V Demyanenko , AlexanA Zagrebelnii , AlexanV Markov , Boris I Perepechenko , Mikhail J Moreinis , Igor G Lubomuov , The E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute of the National Academy of (Kiev, UA)
An astronaut's work station for performing experiments or other work in space is designed for use under the conditions of open space on board space vehicles by an astronaut in a spacesuit, using a system of hardware, for instance electron beam, which it accommodates, as well as samples of materials to be worked on, located in a replaceable samples module. The work station is fastened on the outer surface of a long-term orbital space station of the MIR type, or in the cargo bay of a cargo reusable space vehicle of the Shuttle type. The work station comprises a frame containing a base with a foot rail, a hand rail with a holder, a seat with latches for locking-in the replaceable samples module, and an astronaut's sliding foot restraint which moves over the foot rail.
Claims We claim:1. An astronaut's work station device for performing experiments in space, comprising:a frame having a base connecting a foot rail and a hand rail;assemblies for fastening a replaceable samples module located on the hand rail;an astronaut's mobile foot restraint slideable along the foot rail.2. The device of claim 1, wherein the frame is made foldable and comprises:at least two hinged joints between the hand rail and the base;latch locks for the hinged joints, axles of which are mad...