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How Long Have Earrings Been Around For? Try at Least 2000 BC

Emi Rigs
Amazingly, people have been piercing their ears with earrings for the past four thousand years. Earrings were worn by Persian warriors as early as 2000 BC, as evidenced by wall murals. The Maya were not the only ancient people that experimented with body modification, including ear piercings and other procedures.

What use did the earrings serve in these cultures? Is there evidence that people thousands of years ago were concerned with becoming fashionable? It's likely that they didn't give a hoot about how the piercings made them look. Several historians and historical documents suggest that this gear was originally intended for another purpose. Tribespeople back then probably thought it was possible for evil spirits to infiltrate humans via the ear canal. The presence of metals would prevent this from occurring.

A lot of guys thought those metals would help them see better, too. Through the ages, this has been a frequent justification for seafarers to obtain pierced ears. Many mariners began practicing their faith after the second millennium B.C. They were aware that living at sea may be difficult. They brought gold earrings so that if they were ever lost at sea and washed up on a beach, their rescuers could afford to give them a decent funeral.

It wasn't until the middle of the twentieth century that earring use became primarily aesthetic and expressive. Women in particular were the ones getting pierced. Yet unlike now, back then there weren't any piercing experts available to the public. Friendship groups were piercing each other's ears. Throughout the 1960s and 1970s, ear piercing was a popular form of self-expression among hippies and the gay community. As early as the 1980s, nurses were able to pierce customers in department stores and other public places.

Gold earrings for women were previously only worn by women, but their popularity among men soared during and after the 1980s. A wide variety of jewelry styles were developed. Silver and pearl earrings have been on the rise in recent years. The acceptance of ear piercings of all kinds increased with time, and with it came the availability of a wider variety of jewelry for those piercings.

There are currently nine distinct piercing options and thousands of available earring styles. Individuals have the freedom to experiment with their style by wearing a variety of earrings and other jewelry pieces. If you or someone you know ever grows tired of wearing the same pair of earrings, this is a fantastic solution because you can switch them out for a new pair in under a minute.

Ears were ornamented with silver earrings as early as 5,000 years ago. The Greeks eventually made versions of these earrings using precious stones like rubies and sapphires, but at the time, looped silver earrings were already rather prevalent. Only wealthy women in ancient Greece wore silver earrings at exclusive parties in the year 200 AD. Because of technological progress and the passage of time, silver earring styles have expanded and become more versatile. Silver hoop earrings are no longer just for the runway. Some people use it as a regular accessory, and some even wear it to games. In addition, it's not just something that women and young girls do. These days, men can confidently show off their style with silver earring studs.

Although silver earrings may not be as expensive as traditional gold earrings or other jewelry, it is still important to take good care of them so that they last as long as possible.

Silver earring cleaning options are plentiful. The first thing to keep in mind is to inquire with the store associate from which you purchased the item. They might sell a product designed just for the silver earrings you're buying. If there aren't any, then you can just wash your silver earrings in a gentle soapy solution and water. Use a soft towel to gently pat the jewelry to remove any residue and restore its luster. Use caution when cleaning your earrings; paper towels might harm precious metals. When not in use, silver earrings should be kept in a tarnish-free bag or wrapped in a soft cloth to protect them from air and sunlight. It needs to be kept in a dry, cool environment. Keep your silver earrings away from harsh chemicals like chlorine to preserve their luster.