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Longines Watches - A Review Of The Evidenza Collection

Emi Rigs

If you're looking for a traditional-looking, yet distinctively modern timepiece, the Longines Evidenza is your best bet. It is one of the most recognisable collections of Longines watches thanks to its unique style, which makes it suitable for formal wear by both sexes.

The quartz and mechanical timepieces produced by Longines are of the highest quality. The organization also makes sure there is a wide range of options in terms of how they may be used, the styles they can be found in, and the prices they can be found for. You can, therefore, choose a watch from any of the collections knowing that it will be both fashionable and affordable. This also holds for the present Evidenza assortment.

The promotional copy for the Evidenza line makes an effort to sound like it was written in the 1920s. This collection has a classic or vintage vibe, yet the watch may just as easily transport you to the 1930s, the 1950s, or the present day.

The tonneau form of the case is the unifying design element of the entire lineup. The word "tonneau" is French for "cask," which is an apt description of the watch's case: the bezel is flat at the bottom and top, and the sides are slightly curved as if you were looking at a wine barrel from the side. The 'Flinque' knob is also quite common. This time the French phrase refers to a design made of small, concentric circles. Though most watches feature this classy dial, some do not.

Size-wise, the majority of the Evidenza women's watches measure 26.00 x 30.60 mm, with a smaller option measuring 19.60 x 23.30 mm. Only a few of the models have mechanical self-winding movements and those that do have a quartz movement with a power reserve of 42 hours. A women's chronograph model is also available, powered by a self-winding L652 mechanical movement with a 40-hour power reserve. The watch boxes for men measure 30.50 x 35.60 mm, making them the largest in the women's line, which is to be expected of a mechanical chronograph. Dials can be customised in a variety of ways, such with Roman or Arabic numerals, diamonds, or a more simple design. Women's watches with a black dial and a date window at 6 o'clock are the most attractive to me. Stainless steel case, black lacquered dial with fine steel hands and diamond-set Arabic numerals; simple, discreet black leather band; my personal favorite of the collection.

The most desirable men's timepieces are mechanical chronographs. This Longines watch, like many others in the brand, features a flinque dial with three subdials: seconds subdial at 3 o'clock, a totalizer to 12h counter of a second at 6 o'clock, and a 30-minute totalizer at 9 o'clock. The 12-hour timer is located at 6 o'clock, and a date window overlaps this window, which is a great touch. Model L2.643.6.73.9 with a yellow gold case is my favorite, though I haven't seen them all. I'd also be interested in seeing the rose gold model in person.

Longines' Evidenza watches are sophisticated timepieces for formal occasions that never go out of fashion. These watches will still look great 10 years from now, unlike some others with more modern designs.

The Rado V10K Watch - It's Hard But Is It Soft On The Eye?

The Rado V10K is the world's hardest watch, and only a genuine diamond can scratch its case. The world's hardest watch certainly doesn't come cheap, but has Rado been able to properly combine durability with use and aesthetically beautiful design lines in this timepiece?

Since its founding in 1917, the Swiss firm Rado has been producing high-quality timepieces. During the 1960s, Rado created the first scratch-resistant watch. Rado DiaStar was the name of the timepiece. Rado collaborated with nanotechnology experts to refine the process of coating the watch case with a crushed diamond so that it would be the world's hardest watch. Rado spent many years perfecting a method to coat 100% diamond onto strong metal components, and now they are used in their watches. Shortly after afterwards, the Rado V10K hit the shelves.

From the moment it was released, this timepiece has been considered by many to be a "must-have" among collectors of such items.

The V10K does not have indestructible internals. Diamond hardness prevents scratching on the sapphire crystal and bracelet's connecting components and the lateral elements. The rubber strap, titanium case back, and titanium clasp are the "scratchable" components.

The watch has a really simple appearance that may not be to everyone's taste. A 1970s-era LED watch was cited as the inspiration for the design of the Rado V10K watch. While I disagree, I can see where they were coming from; the sleek black exterior and simple, unassuming design certainly have a touch of "vintage." The watch's face is minimalistic in design, with only the Rado logo and two white hands. No numerals or other embellishments can be found. With its nearly utilitarian design, the Rado V10K watch is complemented by its practical rubber strap and clasp.

In addition to its distinctive design, the V10K by Rado is also distinguished by its lack of a crown. The lack of a crown on this Rado was done mainly for aesthetic reasons. Without a date function, this watch can only be adjusted in time, and that is done via a magnetic contact device hidden in the strap. Even while I understand why Rado didn't include a crown on the V10 case, K's makes adjusting the time a bit more of a hassle than it has to be for someone who travels frequently.

In addition to being water resistant, the V10K is backed by a two-year warranty

We don't see the Rado V10K watch being a big seller. Subtle to the point of nonexistence, its design is sometimes misunderstood. The V10K, however, was not made for the masses but rather for the select few who value having at their disposal an item that is both one-of-a-kind and historically significant in the world of horology.