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Personalized Necklaces

Emi Rigs
Perhaps you're mystified by the current craze for individualized jewelers. You can see them everywhere: on the red carpet at award shows, on the bodies of Victoria's Secret models on Oprah, in the pages of US Weekly, and on the blogs of famous mothers like Jessica Alba, Jennifer Lopez, Angelina Jolie, and Jennifer Garner. The emotional connection is crucial. The personalized jeweler is becoming increasingly popular as a way to express affection. Following are four necklaces we felt best conveyed the giver's intent and the value of the message when Love was the message.

Necklaces with a Gold Heart Charm provide a Personal Touch

Talking about famous people, Jennifer Gardner's name comes up a lot, and this cute little number just so happens to be one of our best sellers. Celebrity mothers like Gwyneth Patrol and Jennifer Gardner proudly display their Hearts of Gold and, as their families expand, they simply add baby charms. These necklaces are completely eco-friendly, as the fine silver charms are repurposed from old film cans. The words "Babe Love" are set within a frame of 22kt gold on the bigger tag-shaped pendant. The second charm, which is a fraction of the size of the first, serves as a permanent reminder of your Babe's birth date and name.

The Ease of Custom Necklaces

One more thing that makes these necklaces so well-liked is how easy they are to wear. Like a refreshing breeze in the springtime after a little rain, the Heart Name Pendant Necklace is delicate and refined. The heart-shaped charm is only about 3/4 of an inch wide and is crafted from fine silver that is.999 pure, making it even purer than sterling silver. Your newborn's name is engraved on the front in the artist's own hand, and the birth date is carved on the back. The necklace is accented with a single note of unique beauty, a tiny iridescent freshwater pearl. This is something that every mother would treasure forever.

Necklaces with a Personalized Gold Heart Locket

This stunning layered necklace has at its center the romance and beauty that are essential components of any healthy love relationship. This beautiful 22kt gold heart set in a fine silver locket with a loving phrase reading "My heart belongs to..." would delight any new mother. The name and birth date of the infant are engraved on the second fine silver charm, which is topped with a tiny "star" of cubic zirconia to symbolize the newborn's importance to Mom. And that's just the start of it! An 18-inch chain of 14-karat gold and Labradorian gems supports these ornaments. Because of its mysterious play of light like fire, the labradorite is also known as Firestone. The love that is our own lying dormant within the stone. Beguile the one you love with a stunning monogrammed necklace that symbolizes the closeness of your family and the safety of your infant when they are near Mommy's breast.

Giada Necklace

Being in the public eye for an extended period of time can mold a person into either a role model or an anti-role model. It's not always obvious when this occurs. The fans have a different take on everything, from what is spoken to how one is dressed. The Giada necklace is a good example. Giada di Laurent is a celebrity chef, TV host, author, and owner of this chic necklace. Many prestigious jewelers, like Tiffany, have replicated her necklace because of her impeccable taste.

During her concerts, Giada often wears multilayer diamond necklaces that have been crafted especially for her. Diamonds of this size range are more accessible to the general public because they are not exceptionally pricey. You can discover a necklace that looks quite similar to one by Giada de Laurent is, but is actually made with fake diamonds and sold for a relatively low price on the Internet. A lot of them can be had for under $20! Because of this, you should be cautious about investing in things that won't last.

It's easy to imagine the little diamonds on Giada's necklace dangling freely from her collarbone. These diamonds are bezel set and cut into small pieces so that their elegance and sophistication are immediately apparent. The Giada Necklace has inspired countless knockoffs, with some enthusiasts even going so far as to employ pendants and bezels to achieve the same aesthetic impact.

What's the secret to Giada Necklace's glitz and glamour, though? Of course, you want to know. Giada believes this is the result of donning a set of three eye-catching necklaces. This is a result of the length variation between the necklaces and the bezel setting of the solitaires. The onlooker is tricked into thinking they are suspended in midair.