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Combining Satellite data
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Temporal and multisensor approach in forest/vegetation mapping and corridor identi®cation for effective management of Rajaji Nat.

India International Journal of Remote Sensing 14 (1993)
TS Kachhwalha , Park Uttar

Synergistic effects of combined Landsat-TM and SIR-B data for forest resources assessment.

International Journal of Remote Sensing 14 (1993)
DF Lozano-Garcia , RM Hoffer

Resolution enhancement of multispectral image data.

Paper to improve classification accuracy Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing , Volume 59 (1993)
CK Munechika , JS Warnick , C Salvaggio , JR Scott

Synergism of synthetic aperture radar and visible/infrared data for forest type discrimination.

Pe & Rs Photogrammetric Engineering & Remote S... , Volume 56 , Issue 9 (1990)
DG Leckie

Nghiên cứu khả năng ứng dụng kết hợp ảnh vệ tinh radar và quang học để thành lập một số thông tin về lớp phủ mặt đất

Trung tâm Viễn thám Quốc gia Chu Hải Tùng

Me’gier, J., Forest mapping from multi-source satellite data using neural network classiffers-An experiment in Portugal.

Remote Sensing Reviews 12 (1995)
GG Wilkinson , S Folving , I Kanellopoulos , N McCormick , K Fullerton

Tropical mangrove vegetation mapping using advanced remote sensing and GIS technology.

Executive Summary and Asian Institute of Technology Bangkok AIT (1994)
J Aschbacher , CP Giri , RS Ofren , PN Tiangco , JP Delso , TB Suselo , S Vibulsresth , T Charupat , ADC

Le radar…. seul ou avec d’autres?. Numerimage, Bulletin d’Information Quadrimestriel (Quebec), 3, .

M Hinse , A Coulombe

Complementary Nature of SAR and Optical Data for Land Cover/Use Mapping in the State of Johore, Malaysia

Z. A. Hasan , K. M. N. Ku Ramil , I. Selamat and K. F. Loh , ACRS 1997

Contribution of SAR data and image concatenation in reducing optical sensor derived urban land cover category confusion

F. M. Henderson et al